NextUs is a global community of youth empowered to imagine, impact, and innovate solutions to the biggest business, community, and civic challenges.

The Future Isn’t Going To Create Itself.

Inspired by the global COVID-19 challenge, we invite you to join a private Discord community of global teens connecting around social good, culture, innovation, and the


(and pizza)

How might we prepare tomorrow’s leaders by engaging them with today’s greatest business, community and civic opportunities?


Bring NextUs real world, f2f & distributed project-based learning into your classroom, extracurricular or community program.


YOU are the change you want to see in the world.  Connect, collaborate, and create solutions to today’s challenges. 


Tap into your future leaders visions and ideals today and apply their thinking and creativity to today’s challenges.

How might we ready today’s leading organizations for the agility, innovation, and diversity tomorrow’s leaders, customers and investors will demand?

“We are preparing… for jobs that don’t exist, using technologies that have not been invented, to solve problems that we haven’t even considered yet.”

~ Sir Ken Robinson

NextUs was created to provide today’s youth an inclusive community to imagine, exchange, and create real impact on the world around them.

Our active and launching programs…

NextUs members solve real challenges for real communities & organizations, channeling unbridled imagination for real impact on the world they’ll soon inherit.

Game On!