You are the change you want to see in the world.

NextUs is the catalyst.

Your generation has the passion and persistence to change the world.

You deserve the tools, support, and access to match.

We set out to create a platform that amplifies your innate agency, supporting it through content, resources, and opportunities drawn from the world’s most inspiring, innovative, and impactful leaders and organizations.

From social impact to STEM, leadership development to international development, NextUs provides access to real-world, hands-on opportunities to create impact today as you’re preparing for tomorrow.

It’s our mission to prepare this generation for tomorrow’s undiscovered opportunities, and to make ready today’s communities and organizations for the disruption your generation will inspire and demand.




We believe this generation has the power to change the world.

No one understands better what tomorrow holds than the young citizens who will take its wheel. Our mission is to provide the resources, support, and opportunities enabling you to fully realize your vision of a better future. 


Technology has helped millions gain access to education and resources that would have been impossible a decade ago. But as technology advances, too many are left behind, and the access gap only increases creating profound disparities. 

We strive to make our programs and opportunities available to as many young people as possible, regardless of access and barriers to technology.


Being able to create change is only the beginning. 

Understanding how, where, and why to direct our vision and energies is central to our mission, which demands continual inquiry, recognition, and responsibility if  we’re to better serve our members, communities, and future.

Education and community partners we’ve worked with:


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