NextUS Awarded Dual U.S. State Department Grants!

We won a grant! And we want to give it to you.

We’re hiring a team to help build a world-changing tool by youth, for youth!


What:  We’re building a tool for global-minded teens to connect + collaborate across not just distance, but also culture, language, economics, and technical barriers as well! And we think the best people to design this tool are the amazing teens it serves. Help us.

Why: Most “collaborative” platforms assume everyone has access to cutting edge technology and blazing internet speeds. They don’t. So let’s build a way to bring ALL teens together to change the world. 

Where: For this pilot program, we’re building a bridge between Argentina, Jamaica, and the USA. Future locations might follow, but for now, we’re looking for teens in these locations. 

When: NOW! (through October + November, commitment variable!) 

How: It’s as easy as uno, two, t’ree.

  1. Check out the roles we’re currently looking for!
  2. Drop your deets so we can get in touch!
  3. Check your email (spam too!) within 24 hours!



THE GIG: Help us connect with other youth in your community, learn about that world, and together build a tool to better connect with teens exactly like you, only entirely different.

THE GET: Earn $$ for every active participant you engage!


THE GIG: Share your personal experiences around your world with us, and help us build a tool to boost the conversation + collaboration between a global community of youth!

THE GET: Design credit and credentials for contributing to a U.S. State Department funded project! 


THE GIG: Create social content and strategy about what we’re working on, the awesome teens were working with, and how THEY are changing the world! 

THE GET: Cash for content! Make posts, get paid. 


THE GIG: Conduct market research (using our supplied tools) on what’s happening in the youth technology +education space! 

THE GET: Do the work, get paid!